cooling sys. too cold


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jz brake
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Question cooling sys. too cold

95 corsica, 2.2, automatic trans. cooling sys. runs at 80 celsius after an hour of idling. will not reach 235 degrees. changed the thermostat 195 degree, the fan is not running, water circulate good. no bubbles in ressavoir. what i'm i over looking
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How are you reading this temperature? Are you using the coolant sensor's reading through a scan tool? If not, the gauge may be off.

Change the coolant sensor as well. Cheap enough.
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Also, what is the actual concern? No heat?
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80 degrees celcius is somewhere around 180 degrees farenheit if I'm guesstimating correctly. If you're just idling with no load, and up there in Missouri where it's nice and cool...then you don't seem to have a problem. Do you have a problem that you're trying to diagnose?
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jz brake
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too cold

yes, i was reading the temp. through the scanner. the compliant, was the compartment wasn't warming up. checked all the heater module doors, ok, and decided to install the second thermostat now the problem is fix, here lately i've been having problem with parts not working or just half ass working. i think quality control is out the back door these days.
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I agree.

I bought a Delco thermostat a few years ago. Not only was it a reboxed Stant, it was defective.

In the same respect I bought a Delco water pump and it turned out to be a Carter pump in disguise.


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