1996 Mits Eclipse Spark Plug replacement


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Question 1996 Mits Eclipse Spark Plug replacement

I have a 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse, GS. I'm trying to replace the sparkplugs, but I can't get the sparkplug boot off. I can feel the snap (the metal clip disconnecting from the plug), but the rubber boot will not come off. I've tried turning and twisting the rubber boot, but have had no success. Is there some kinda trick to this? I've already gone to the Chilton guide and it was worthless in this situation.
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As far as I know that car doesn't have any exotic plug boot connectors, just need enough muscle. Sometimes a pair of spark plug boot pliers helps. Be sure you have a good grip on the boot to prevent pulling the plug wire loose from the terminal. Also on stubborn ones good idea to wear some work gloves; hurts like hell when the sucker finally comes off and you bash your hand on whatever is in the line of travel.
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Lol Tow-Guy, I was thinking about that while I was reading his/her post. Those suckers grip tight. Try disconnecting the wire from the other end, and twisting the plug end around and around constantly...in the same direction, while pulling upward.
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If you ruin the boots on the wires, the wire set is fairly cheap. Chances are the are baked on there now.
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That was my other suggestion, Joe; tie all the ends of the plug wires to a rope attached to the back of your Chevy and drop the clutch. LOL
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You're the TowGuy. You go ahead and do that.

You even have the Chevy to do it
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Next time around

This is not uncommon. When you reinstall them, take a little silicone grease on your little finger, and wipe the inside of the boot. This will make the next time a lot eaiser to remove them. Marturo
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Yes, true. Most wire sets come with a packet of grease where required.

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