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I changed the oil on my 2001 Camry and put in too much. I realized this while on the highway and the engine light went on, also white smoke came out of the exhause.

I removed the excess oil but now the car will not go into reverse, it only goes forward.

Checked the automatic transmission fluid while the engine was hot and it indicated low.

Added more fluid and the car shiftes into forward gear better but still won't go in reverse.

There is still some oil spashed around in the engine since it was comming out of the dip stip inlet.

Any ideas what is wrong?

Thank you!
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clean engine compartment then tow to dealer and say car is broken fix under warranty please.
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I agree with that, but seriously, the engine being over filled will have nothing to do with the transmission problem.

Good luck
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who knows where and what oil was filled into.
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Lol, you mean like putting trans into the oil and etc....???

That's not very nice....
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Let's understand what you overfilled first and go from there.

Rectify any low oil conditions and if it still occurs, back to the dealer and hope you can sneak it through.

I don't understand why or how you could overfill it
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