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Question Fuel Problem

1994 Ranger with 4.0L\automatic with 76000 miles

When it sits for more than about 8 hours, it usually wont start the first time you turn the key, it will try but dies. If you turn key off then back on it starts. I tried for couple of days turning the key on(not start), then off and back on then to start and truck starts ever time. To me acting like the fuel system is losing fuel pressure when it sits. I cant find anywhere its leaking fuel to outside world. Is this usually a fuel pressure regulator gone bad. Performance seem down a bit on light throttle. Best way to test would be?

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Use a fuel pressure gauge to check the regulated fuel pressure. You can rent one from Autozone.

Check my posts below for more ideas.
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Are you a hard or easy driver, Especially if you are an easy one, I would use a product that GM dealers carry called "top engine clean" in the pour can. When attached to a vaccum line from the intake manifold and the car running it will suck down the chemical(you will have to rev it while you do this to keep the engine from stalling out). When the can is half empty, let it stall out and let it sit for 15-20 minutes and restart and run the suck the rest of the chemical through. You will see lots of smoke(the more the better).

The whole reason for doing this is because a cold engine needs more fuel for it to run properly and over time your engine builds up carbon deposits that act like charcoal. When you turn over the engine for the first time when cold the fuel from the injectors enters the combustion chambers, soaks into the carbon deposits and your mixture isn't quite rich enough for it to run properly.

Using this product can greatly reduce the carbon deposits.

This stuff only costs $7.50 and works very well..

Good luck...
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