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Unhappy 86 ford ranger

my 86 ford ranger is killing my battery - i replaced the brushes in the alternator than i jumped it but the truck died again - i had the alternator checked and was told that it was ok, the regulator is ok too. could it be the battery is no good? or does it have to be charged while removed from the truck? HELP ME PLEASE
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Do an output test on the unit as described in my post "The Basics" below.

Tell us what you find. There is more to rebuilding an alternator than putting new brushes.

You might have a drain on the battery as well. Hook a test light up inline to the battery cable. The light will be on bright. Pull the fuses one by one. The one that really dims the light is the problem circuit.
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Has the battery itself been tested. If so and was found good, sounds like you have a current draw on your hands..

The only way to check a current draw properly is to use a volt meter set to DC amps.

Disconnect the negative battery terminal and connect the meter(one lead hooked to the battery cable, and the other to the battery) You should have no more than 50ma. If you do have more than that, you should remove each fuse one at a time until the level drops below 50ma. Congratulations! you have found the circuit that the draw is on. Now You will have to reinstall the fuse with the meter still hooked up and use a wiring diagram to locate all of the components that are on that circuit. Now, unplug them one at a time until the draw is again below 50ma. Congratulations again, You have found the draw..

Good luck!
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P.S. dont forget to check the basics, like are all the battery cables clean and tight on both the battery and the block/alternator. And yes the battery can be charged by the alternator but it is not as good as using a charger..
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Before letting the car rest overnight, remove the plug at the back of the alternator. Then try next morning starting the car. If the vehicle starts you found your problem. Good luck on the repairs. keep us posted.

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