Auto Air Conditioning - Freon Leak ??


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Question Auto Air Conditioning - Freon Leak ??

I have a 1995 Chevy Blazer S-10 with the "New type" of freon in the A/C unit. Does anybody know if this type of Freon has a smell? Frequently I have smelled a very strong odor that resembles like alcohol or nail polish remover. Can anyone shed any light on this - I would appreciate it.
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It could be a bad heater core consuming Dexcool extended life coolant if so equipped.

How well does the A/C function now?
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No, you will not smell it(r134a), has any other repairs been done or what was done to the vehicle to repair the ac?

If an evaporator core was done and reinstalled and the box sealed with silicon it will have that smell...

Sounds like what your talking about.

Good luck!
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Additional Info - AC Smell

The car has not been in for any repairs - at all - for at least 6 months. I don't think it is a Dexcool leak - it has the "Old Coolant". I thought about a heater core leaking, but there is no coolant leaking inside the car on the floor like what I have seen before. The AC seems to work OK - my 1995 Chevy S10 4.3L is nearly the end of the extended warranty and would like to get it fixed before it expires. So - Freon has no smell ?
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Do you notice this smell possibly after using your washers?

The good washer solvent has a lot of alcohol in it...

I cant believe you are using your ac already(this time of year) in Michigan. lol

Are you sure that the smell has anything to do with your AC?
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Do you think the smell might match the smell of a wire getting hot, and the insulation melting?
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At what point/time do you notice the smell?

If you have an extended warranty, put it to use. You paid for it

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