Water Pump Replacement?


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Red face Water Pump Replacement?

I own a 1995 Lincoln Town Car, with the 4.6L motor,and 86,000 miles on it.
The fan belt was replaced quite awhile ago,but has been making a whinning noise more and more as time goes on.The car was in the shop the other day,for another problem,and they said the water pump is very bad,ready to let go!They advised to leave it there and have it done on Monday.Iam.I bought the car there,and
They have a excellent reputation,as well as an up to date facility,etc..
The cost will be about $475.This includes new water pump,belt,pully and tensioner too,as well as labor and tax.How does that price sound?They charge $60 p/h as a rate.
Also is that premature for the water pump to let go that early?
Or is that common on this motor?thanks, Charlie
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That sounds a little stiff, but Joe should be along to add insight. In the meantime you can do a little checking on your own. Call your local parts store (reputable like NAPA, Carquest, etc) and see what the water pump and other parts retail for. I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say the whole operation shouldn't take over three hours so figure about $175-200 for labor, plus many shops add additional charges (i.e. shop supplies) that can boost the cost.
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You've got 86k, a water pump is not uncommon for this.

It's a little steep in the grand scheme of things, but it's OE parts and dealer labor, so it's about right.

An independent shop would be about 100 bucks cheaper.

As Fords age, they tend to soak you, so be prepared
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Red face Other work to this job?

On this waterpump replacement,Will this require an oil and filter change as part of the job?
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Generally unrelated repair, and that's just general maintenance....what can they charge you for an oil change? 25 bucks?

Oil changes can NEVER hurt a motor. And Fords of this vintage/engine type are oil burning smokers (have seen a ton of Town Cars that puff...the 4.6 has poor oil control), so frequent oil changes will delay what seems to be the inevitable

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