1995 Dodge Ram Van 2500


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Question 1995 Dodge Ram Van 2500

I have a dodge Ram that is always having fuel pump troubles.
The sending unit, pump and filter are all in the same housing. Everytime I take it to the dealer to be repaired, I loose my van for a day. and a month later the float goes bad or something else does and I loose it again for another day. I have figured out the system is delicate. I want to work on my own cars, but I am imtimmidated by my van. I was curious, is changing the fule filter/ pump a hard job when it is in the gas tank?
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the fuel filter is not in the tank. there is a screen in there attached to the sending unit and pump. no replacement is needed for screen. the tank is easy but awkward to do because it is bulky and heavy to remove.
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Sounds like a non-quality dealer or someone using crappy parts..or they are not solving your problem.

Bring it back and have them rectify it so it's right...you paid for the repair!
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Crap repair

I don't want to bash the dealer who worked on the van. But you are far from the truth. They will never work on any automobile I own again. As far as the warrenty it has long since expired. I like to work on the autos myself. But I need this van for work, and I don't like the idea of fixing something and walking 5 miles to a repair shop to let them show me what I did wrong, If ya know what I mean. I am gonna pay to have it done. Lots of thinking. and the conclusion is I will wait untill I don't need the van for working then I will rip it apart and it won't be so intimidating.
Thanks for the comebacks I apriciate it.
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To me IT DOES sound like a bad repair if what you are indeed stating is true.

If the dealer replaced the fuel pump and you have the same problems a month later, chances are the pump was not the problem. That being said, it sounds like the original problems are not rectified here.

As to why you wouldn't take it back to the first place that did the repair that did not solve your problem (even though they charged you) is beyond me .

If you want to learn the basics of the van and beyond, the only book you should own is the Chrysler service manual which is very detailed on your truck. See the links in my signature file for where to get them. It's a worthwhile investment.

I still say have the shops/dealers that did the work that DID NOT fix your problem redo their work and get it right. Your post is a little confusing and baffling to me . They didn't fix your problem, they charge you but the fact that is that it's further from the truth ? I don't agree...lol.

My .02

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