Light Problems with 91 Ford Escort


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Light Problems with 91 Ford Escort

Several problems are happening. When I step on my brakes, the radio lights, and front yellow parking lights come on. Also if the door is open when the brake petal is depressed, the buzzer goes off, even with out the keys in. Finally, if I turn the headlights on, the cruise control disengages and the rear window brake light remains on. Any ideas?
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I would suspect you have some wires shorted together somewhere. Time to start tracing wires. Check especially any wire bundles that run near hot spots like exhaust manifold or exhaust system that may have gottten too hot and partially melted wires together causing cross-over from circuit to circuit. Check fuse panel also to make sure you haven't had a major electrical problem that caused overheating and melting.
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I agree with TG and also if there are any aftermarket stereos or alarms, start there as most are very hokey installs that are the source of woes.
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