1996 Dodge Stratus -- No Codes in Computer


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1996 Dodge Stratus -- No Codes in Computer

My 1996 Dodge Stratus one day just stopped working. Engine would turn over but wouldn't start. I had it towed in to the shop I use and find to be trustworthy.

They said I had a cracked carburator housing and no codes on the computer. They said I needed to replace carburator housing at about $600 plus labor before they could tell me what was wrong with the car. That is, it would cost me nearly $800 before they could tell me what was really wrong...and if I needed a new computer, the car wasn't worth it. And by the way, used parts were not an option. Does this advice seem reasonable?
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Your car is fuel injected. Therefore it has no "carburetor housing". Find another shop.
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Agreed...no stratus was ever made with a carburetor. And a computer isn't THAT expensive, unless the car is a heap, it should easily be worth replacing it, if it is even bad. It might just be a 15 dollar sensor, but I wouldn't let that guy look at it anymore. The only thing I can imagine he would call a carburetor housing would be the throttle body, and if he's gonna charge you 200 bucks to change it, he's ripping you off bad. It only takes 15 minutes to change it.
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Thanks for your responses, guys. The car is not a total heap and I do want to keep it. It's paid for and I'm not looking forward to having car payments again. I think what I'dd do next is go back (without the car) and ask him to tell me again what he thinks it needs. Maybe I remembered it wrong. Then I'll post the new info.
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Actually, most Chrysler products ARE heaps, even when new, but this guy is either a backwoods mechanic or a real clown in my belief.

Cheese is right on the terminology lingo, but your description is a little vague to determine what the fault is.

Seek out another independent shop and get their .02. Worst case scenario, a Chrysler dealer can find the problem in a jiffy.

Check my posts and links below for some ideas you might try yourself.

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