Fuse Box Instead of Lighter......


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Question Fuse Box Instead of Lighter......

I just had a quick question....

I just purchased a decorative neon light for my car that is to be plugged into the cigarette lighter. I have my fuzz buster plugged into there though, so is it possible to cut the wire of the decorative light and wire it to the fuse box since it is only 12V? I know I had to do this w/ my light-up pedals (OK so Im obssesed w/ these lights ) but there was a wire going to the fuse box and one going to ground. For the decorative light, there is a white wire and a silver wire both going to the lighter adapter that I want to cut off. Is one the ground and one the 12V? OK so basically my question is:

Is it possible to convert a cigarrette lighter adapter to wires that would be safe for my fuse box???

I would really appreciate the help!

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The lighter is 12V constant, so I don't see why you couldn't find another similar source for your bordello light .

It sounds like a hokey addition to me though .
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Yeah I know its all decorative, but oh well.... if this is possible though, Id be hooking it up to my fog light fuse so it only turns onn when my fog lights are on.... so is it possible???
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BUMP, please help man........thnx
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I suppose you could do that, but I would suggest you get a wiring diagram before splicing into anything and seeing what wires power what you want to do.

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