Celica again


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Celica again

The car doesn't react to the jump. When I turn the key there is nothing, not even light or blinking. I fully recharged the battery and tried putting it back on. I did even get light on the door when i opened it. Hopefully, I can get an extention on my temp. pass from the DMV because this one end on 04/04/02.

Is there anywayz I can talk to someone on this site? like (I'M) or chat. I think I am desperate to know how to fix my car ). It been almost two years since I have been working on this car. Maybe my car just like to sit in the back yard doing nothing haha. Anyway, I appreciate that you're taking your time answering my questions.

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sometimes the battery even get charge
it still won't work, get the new battery and try for it
and check your battery terminals
to see any corrsion and clean it.
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This forum isn't a live chat, it goes by posts .

Check your battery with a digital meter. If you don't have 12.5 volts after charging it, pitch it for a new one.

That being said, it sounds like a bad ground or a missing ground from when you did the engine. Or perhaps, one of the main relays burned out.

Check your cables and battery condition closely first though.

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