Suzuki dies as if out of gas


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Suzuki dies as if out of gas

My wifes 97 Suzuki Swift (1.3L) will run for about a minute after start up, will then start to shudder and stutter progressively worse till it conks out. This just began 2 nights ago after she filled up at the local convenience store/gas station. Let it sit about an hour and the same thing will occur, its good for about a mile. All my armchair mechanic friends say fuel filter or injectors. I'm clueless, but could probably handle checking the filter if I knew where to find it......Any help out here
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Start with the fuel filter, as you likely picked up junk from the station.

Follow your lines from the fuel tank and look for a thing shaped like a can. That is the fuel filter. Typically under the car, but on some might be bolted to the firewall.

A quick call to any Suzuki dealer should net the location in a jiffy. Pick up a repair manual to guide you through any repairs.

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