bad window motor?


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bad window motor?


I've got an Olds delta 88 (1988). Left driver side window will only go up or down about 3 inches (problem has become worse in the past year -- 12 months ago it would go down all the way but slowly).

I'm guessing this is either a defective motor or something wrong in the controller (rather than wiring because power is getting to the motor). Belt reel continues to try to move when window button is depressed but sort of shudders.

I've taken off the door panel, peeled back the plastic covering, but all the mechanics are inside the metal door panel with no obvious way to get it off. Also, looks like all the parts are riveted rather than bolted.

Question: can you give me any help on how to get at the window motor and controller? Is there something I'm missing about how to dismantle this?

Thanks much
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That's a GM for ya, they like those rivets. Sounds like you got a window regulator gone bad. You will have to remove the door panel and take a peek at the regulator in action to verify. I would also check the plastic lock that keeps the window in line with the guide. Sometimes they brake and cause the window to get crooked in the door. Also check the rubber, as it can cause the window to have a lot of play and will not work very well..

Good Luck

PS you can drill the rivets out and use bolts and nuts with washers to replace them..
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bad window motor?


Thanks for the reply. I'll check those things.

Drilling out the rivets sounds like a good idea. I'm a little afraid though that if I do that, I won't be able to get the parts back in the right place.

Problem is I can't see what I'm doing since all the parts are on the back side of the METAL door panel (I've already removed the fabric panel). What I can't figure out is how to get the METAL door panel off. I could be wrong, but it looks to me like it is spot-welded into place. I have hard time believing that an engineer could be bone-headed enough to make a car that way, so I'm guessing that there must be some bolts somewhere that I'm missing.

Please say it's so.

Thanks much.
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Bring power directly to the motor. If it works normally, the problem is mechanical binding or a dirty switch, etc.

If the motor doesn't work normally with direct power to it, it's wiped from age. Common problem with GM motors..they get lazy over time.

Also check the regulator gear/tape as mentioned. Change it when and if you have to service the motor.
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The metal door panel doesn't come off. To replace the motor or regulator tape, you will have to remove the entire regulator assembly. To do this, you will have to drill out the rivots, unplug the window motor, slide the guide out of the glass channel, and remove the regulator assembly through an opening in the door panel.
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