transmission replacement how to?


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transmission replacement how to?

I have an '86 Chevy Suburban, 5.7 liter. that just won't move. I have replaced the filter & fluid, but no luck. Can you suggest any 'how to' sites or books to explain how to take the old one out & replace it with another rebuilt one? Haven't done this extensive of repair work before....
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Actually, I don't usually suggest this manual, but in your case I would go and get a $11 haynes manual.. I would also flush the trans cooler!

Good luck
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I would suggest the GM service manual for this extensive of a repair. Covers all the details in more depth.
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Joe, I hate to sound argumentative but, all he is trying to do is remove and replace, not rebuid.

The Haynes should cover that pretty well. No need in getting a $100 manual..
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Wink Work shop manuals in perspective.

I just want to remind everyone, that we are dealing with people who are just in most cases, trying to do the jobs that are covered in the $10.00 & $20.00 dollar manuals.

While I went to school to learn the basics, many of the genuine Company manuals jump over the basics, and get into the techanical aspects of automotive repair.

Case in point, I have one shop manual with 5 suplements each one, is nessary to the professional Technician. I would rather see a person go and buy, that basic manual, than not get anything, because he/she thinks that they must have the Factory manual to do the simple basic maintenance jobs.

One other aspect of the inexpensive manual, is that they will in most cases, warn the do it your selfer when he /she is geting in over their heads.

I think that if someone is going to take the time, and a course, to develop their skills up to the level of a profesional Technician, then that person will benifit from buying the Factory Service manual. In all other cases the inexpensive manuals will do just fine.

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Both good opinions, to say the least.

Chad: A factory manual used is well under 100 bucks. I got ALL THREE of my 1980 Pontiac manuals DELIVERED to my house for 66 bucks .

That being said, the first time you get frustrated with a cheapo manual, you'll wish you'd bought the GM one. The aftermarket ones are merely rewritten GM ones. They have to understand the originals before making their versions.

I still say GM or none . Also a 25 dollar subscription will give far better information than a basic Haynes or Chilton. I have found a ton wrong with those, people just gave me those books in the past .

The GM one is far superior and a much better value .
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I have an '86 Chevy Suburban, 5.7 liter. that just won't move.
why do you need a manual? it is only 20 or so bolts and nuts.
1)drain trans pan, 2) remove drive shaft 3) remove fly wheel cover 4)remove 3 torque convertor bolts 4)disconnect selector shaft rod from trans 5) disconnect tv cable at carb or tb, push cable all the way through bracket so that it will come down with the trans 6) disconect speedometer 7)suport trans with a jack remove crossmember& slightly lower trans slowly 8) remove the 2 cooler lines 9) remove the 6 bell housing bolts. it is out be careful use a good jack or you could come up short a few fingers.
if you buy a junk yard unit keep these directions handy you will need them again
to install reverse removal directions, the tv cable adjustment will adj shift timming and firmness, when installing torque convertor rotate it while pushing in, shoud go back 2 clicks, when you can not get your pinkys between back of convertor and front of pump it is in. kepp wheels off ground add 4 qts, start motor fill to it says full on stick, then rotate tires through gear ranges, ck fluid again. happy motoring from transman.
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2 more cents

Thanks transman for giving him, good info in order to do this job this time.

I am sure we all have seen this many times. Our friend calls us up in a huff, claiming the end of the world is near, if you can't help him/her get this fixed now. They just can't understand how it goes in.

As we walk into the parts spread all over, there they are still folded up and in the box. The instructions.

As this forum states, Do IT and not, tell me every step of the way how to do

If we are to do our job right, we must teach as we were taught. Read the instructions, and when you know them by heart keep the book near by.

The first thing I do, is open the instructions, to refresh my mind, and to check for any changes that might have occurred since the last time I did this procedure.

I was asked by a friend not to long ago, what spark plug he should get for his new car. I replied go out and get your owners manual and read, Specifications. He called back and was confused, he thought that he could only get that info in a service manual.
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This tranmission should not be that difficult compare to the new
BMW, for me is very difficult to get the starter off and the spot is so tight, may be I am lack on experience on the bmw.
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Tranny change out on a '86 Burb is a piece of cake. Hayne's manual will tell you everyting you need to know.
If transmission went all at once, may want to check torque converter when you pull out the transmission. GM had a lot of failures on these in mid to late '80s.
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Very generic

The Haynes and Chilton manuals are quite generic .

I know, I write instruction sheets. Sometimes you combine lines or thoughts, assuming the reader knows something when he or she may not .

The GM book is pretty literal and might give 25 steps to Haynes 11, but like Marturo says, it's the difference between that frantic call and washing your hands that you are done. Lol.
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I don't know if the manuals will mention this or not, probably not....Take the distributor cap off before you take the tranny out. The engine may rock back far enough toward the firewall to break the cap....I've done it before, lol
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Good point Cheese.

Likely that the generic manual skips that step

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