94 Ford Falcon temp gauge


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Question 94 Ford Falcon temp gauge

I recently bought a '94 Ford Falcon, 6 cyl. 4L engine, auto trans. The temperature gauge reading varies quite a bit within the 'normal' range, especially if I stop then restart the car after only a few minutes, temperature is up near the top of the gauge, but comes down after driving a short distance. Also rises quite a bit when just stopped at a red light. Is this normal behaviour for this model? My previous cars were Mazda and Toyota. The temp gauge on both always read the same, regardless of the weather.

I live in a hot area - around 35 deg. C - and I am shortly going on a long trip, so just want to be sure.

By the way, all hoses just replaced and coolant level ok.

Any advice appreciated.
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G'day mate. Got a taste of the Northern Territory back in the late '80s while on exercises with your RAAF, so I can appreciate your temperatures. You may have to help us out with some more particulars about the car; Ford hasn't sold a "Falcon" here in the states since about 1970 and it was a 6 cylinder rear wheel drive.
Is your Falcon front or rear drive and if it's front drive, is the electric fan operating properly? One option would be add an auxilliary electric fan to ensure good airflow through the radiator.
This would work for front or rear wheel drive as well.

My best Aussie story: While on the above mentioned trip, one of our troops remarked over a cold Foster's to one of the RAAF folks that Australia was a little diffferent, but rather pleasantly laid back. The Aussie Sergeant's answer was, [in a thick Australian accent] "that's right, you do what the f*** you want 'til the man with the big stick comes along".
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Temp gauge

There a re a few things I have in mind before you go on your trip. First just good insurance, go ahead and replace your thermostat. I keep a spare in the glove box. This may or may not cover your problem.

If you still get the same symptoms change your heat sending switch. Since heat rises the temp gauge reading higher if just stoping for gas is nothing to worry about. getting hotter while idling is.

The norm is for the gauge to read the same on all vehicles at all times while running. Of course you could buy an after market trio of gauges, for better engine monitoring of vital engine readings. A few dollars spent now can save hundreds later.

Have a safe trip,

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We don't get this thing here in the States, so might be a bit different than what we are used to....

That being said, Marturo and TowGuy gave you good advice....start with a full cooling system service and go from there.
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Just realised there is another symptom....When the engine is fully warmed up, the temp gauge rises rapidly over a small distance - say 1/4" - every second or so. Just flicks up then back down. Very wierd. Could this be the thermostat opening and closing rapidly?
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you will only really notice a thermostat opening on the temp guage the first time or two it opens from a cold start sounds like you may have a guage or sending unit problem. but could also be caused by low coolant level or an air pocket in system and coolant being low enough that sending unit was only ocasionally submerged in coolant i would suggest you take it to a shop to determine if engine is actually running hot or not cause overhating a later model vehicle can be very costly. and no one here is really familiar with a falcon made by ford in the 90s, cant really give you very good advice.

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