Ford Ranger 5-speed locked in 2nd gear


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Angry Ford Ranger 5-speed locked in 2nd gear

RE: 1994 Ford Ranger Pickup 2.3 litre with Mazda 5od manual transmission:

I just installed a new clutch, release bearing, pilot bearing, and slave cylinder. In order to do all this, of course, I had to remove the transmission, first removing the shifting pawl gear selector.

After the install, I found that the transmission is locked in 2nd gear. The clutch is NOT hanging up, and it works perfectly. If I pput my right foot on the clutch, and stick my left foot out the door, I can move the truck with no difficulty.

When I re-installed the shifter, I found that the shift stick apopears to be in the "Neutral" position, but the transmission is in 2nd gear. I didn't discover which gear until I drove the truck around the block and realized it was in 2nd gear, not 1st as I had supposed.

Is there some way I can get this stick to move into any gear or neutral?
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I think this was encountered on this forum once before and Fordtech (posts on this forum) answered it.

It was that the shifter rods were out of phase. One may have moved out of phase here.
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RE: Transmission locked in 2nd ....

I am totally new to this forum; this was my first inquiry. How do I contact another member who may have the answer (FORDtech???), or look up past responses or postings?
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You don't. You'll have to wait for him to reply.

You can search the archives (search button on the top) and try various things/search words based on your problem and see what comes up.

You might want to hit a Ford dealer's parts or service department and see if they have any information on how the rods are supposed to be, or check a service manual for the adjustment procedure. Sure sounds like something is out of phase here.
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pull the shifter back out, use screw driver if necessary to realign rods (if 3 showing) when you see all 3 rods linged up see if rear wheels are free (neutral) reinstall shifter, ****er should move freely left to right right to left.
some sticks simply have a ball type pocket the shifter drops into, if you miss it, it may be in 1 gear, shifter should flop around though. whatever system you have, will require you to remove shifter lever again, and try again.

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