Suburban turn signal

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Suburban turn signal

i have a 1995 Suburban. the right turn signal blinks rapidly and the right rear turnsignal does not flash. I replace the bulb and it still does not work.

How do I repair?
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Bob Manthei
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Bulb Bases

In 88 when GM changed boby styles they used bulbs with the brass base. The base would retain the heat from the bulb and get hot enough to melt the holder. The bulb would loose contact and not work. GM changed the the bulb holder and bulb design in the early 90's to a solid glass base and eliminated this problem. If you have the brass base bulbs the dealer should have the newer styled holder that is very easy to change. I would think that by 95 GM had corrected this. If some one has added a trailer hitch they may have spliced the wires under the rear bumper. I am not sure but the wire feed should be to the drivers side (right) first and then feed to the left side (passenger), with the lisence plate light in the middle. Check starting at the plug in the middle and trace back to th eright side looking for a break in the wire. I do not remember the color code for the right side.

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Likely a burned out bulb or a bad flasher.

As Bob said, start with the bulbs.

Bob: My old GM's use the brass based bulbs. No problems. In fact, I still have most of the ORIGINAL bulbs in my cars and they are over 20 years old .

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