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Question more Ford help!

Remember this truck? 78 F-250, 6.6L. At TDC, both valves for #1 cylinder are in the upright position. I was told by a Dodge guy (whom I trust) that both the valves should be in the down position at TDC. I just want to check it out, and make sure he's not confusing it with a Dodge motor.

I put a new timing chain and sprockets on a while ago, and it hasn't started since. I have spark, and fuel, but it won't iginite. I would like to think that I didn't put the stuff in backwards, but apparently that's a possibility.

I posted this truck not too long ago, looking for timing specs, and I guess it's supposed to be set at 12 degrees BTC. I'm running out of ideas. Anybody got any fresh ones, other than ripping off the front of the engine, and resetting the timing?
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well did you replace the chain and gears cause they went bad and the vehicle would not run?
if you did not ever have the distributer removed from the vehicle while puting in the timing chain and gears i would suggest you run compression an all cylinders cause i have seen fords bend every intake valve when timing chains have went out.
if you did have the distributer removed it is possible you do not have installed correctly or the chain and gears are not installed correctly.
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I agree with BeJay.

Reset the timing as per the mfgr's procedure and let's go from there.
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The distributor was removed from the engine.

I noticed the timing chain was loose when I replaced the rear main seal a while ago. By the the time I got around to it, I decided to do rod bearings, and timing chain at once. Then I figured, might as well pull the heads out and get them serviced. 16 new valve seals, guides, lifters, and 7 new valves later, I put it back together.

I'm wondering if it had anything to do with me changing out the chain and sprockets with the heads off the motor.

I've tried all different configurations of distributor placement. I've put the rotor on #1(cap) at 0 degrees, 12 degrees before, 10 degrees after, and even made some numbers up! The only psitive to come out of it, is the rotor does spin, and does hold true to where I set it.

Dang truck just don't wanna start! And I KNOW I have good electrical grounds.
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If you are sure the timing is right, check my post "The Basics" and links furnished below.

Perhaps you are devoid of fuel, spark or air. Need those three to start the truck .
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I'll go check your links and such in a minute, Joe. Thanks.

But I am getting fuel to the carb, plenty of air, and spark at the plug. Just no combustion.

That's why I'm wondering about the valve position at TDC. Are the valves supposed to up, down,or somewhere in between?

I'm wondering if somehow I put the timing chain/sprockets in wrong.
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When you install the timing chain and gears was the dots facing inward toward each other? If go to this link from Joe signature: and look up your truck and engine, it show diagram on how the chain and gears should look installed. If it matches what did, then you might have the distributor off a tooth or 180 out. Hope this helps
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Thumbs up

Sure sounds like we do. I agree.

Let us know what you find.
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I appreciate all the help y'all are trying to give me, but I only want to know what position the valves are supposed to be in at TDC?

I'd rather not take this engine apart again, if I don't have to.

I put the sprockets back in in EXACTLY the same position as when I took them out. The truck was running fine when I started this whole mess, but I knew that the chain was WAY sloppy. Figured I'd fix it before things got bad. Things got bad AFTER I tried to fix it.

If the valves are supposed to be compressed (like my Dodge friend told me), then I need to pull the motor apart. If he's wrong about the positioning, then I have to go somewhere else to fix the problem.

Does anybody know if the valves for #1 cylinder should be compressed or expanded at TDC?
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If you put fuel in the carburetor, will you at least get a backfire?

Fact is your problem may be elsewhere.
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It backfired when I first thought I finished the job, a couple days ago.

I pulled off the timing cover again just now, and the marks on the sprockets couldn't line up any better! (which is what I was afraid of) I was half-hoping that I put them on wrong, because that would be a simple explanation.

Everything seems to be perfect. Valves are valves, right? Or are they differently made between intake and exhaust? I had 7 valves replaced by the machine shop. As well as all the seals and guides. Is that a possible cause? Maybe wrong stuff was installed? Plus, I put in all new lifters, because as I got a little bit into the engine, I noticed that two of the lifters were shorter than the others. The pushrods all looked ok to the naked eye.

I'm about at my wits end with this truck. Someone save my sanity, please!
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I found something, that web site sux, there is nothing on it. I've tried several years and models, nothing listed for it, Blah, (and they call the internet the "information superhighway Blah!!!)
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My guess is your disturbutor in the wrong timing.Make sure it is in TDC, and check your firing order on your spark plug wires.

(If the compression is okay, and the timing is fine it should be start up right away, but I have a experience before, the chain is boke, and the piston bent the valve. therefore I have two cyclinder compression is read very low).
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on tdc on the compression stroke the valves should be closed but keep in mind your crank has to turn two complete revolutions for one turn of the camshaft so when turning the engine over by hand in a clockwise direction your intake valve will open and then close then you will continue to turn it to tdc and both valves will be closed on the compression stroke this is the tdc that you want to make sure your distributer is pointing toward #1 plugwire terminal. the problem alot of people run into when timing an engine is they dont realize that no 1 piston goes to tdc twice but the distributer only fires on one of them.
if your distributer position is correct then i would suggest you check compression on all cylinders if they are under 100 psi you should apply a few squirts of oil in each cylinder and rerun compression and see if it has come up any all cylinders should be over 100 psi often when an engine has been setting for awhile and sometimes when the engine is flooded you will lose all the oil held around the piston rings wich helps it build compression and the engine will not have enough to start.
short of that it should be relatively simple you need compression , good spark and fuel and the engine should run although you may want to take a sample of gas in a clear container and let set for a few minutes to see if you have any seperation or excessive water in gas.
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I agree with bejay on his last post, crank turns twice for every one cam rotation, so what you were seeing is correct and like he said the ditributer has to be timed with the camshaft. I would probably try to turn the ditributor 180 degrees or swap the plug wires around to the opposite sides....

Good Luck

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