Car Running Too Warm. HELP, Please!


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Car Running Too Warm. HELP, Please!

I have a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire. The car runs great, still looks new inside and out. I have 107,000 miles on my car from mostly 25 mile runs on a non-congested interstate to and from work. The running very warm condition of my car started a year ago.

1. I start my car first time in the morning, go 5 miles, cut it off, go in store for 5 minutes. Cut car back on and the temperature gauge goes up to normal, in the middle. Then, see 2 below....

2. Go 5 miles, cut it off, go in store for 5 minutes. Cut car back on and the temperature gauge goes near the top. After several minutes of driving at 25 to 35mph, it returns to normal, right in the middle. Then, see 3 below.....

3. Same again as number 2 above.

A. October 2001, new non-GM thermostat installed at shop.

B. October 2001, radiator and engine flush. New Dex-cool added.

C. March 12, 2002, new radiator installed.

I'm a total of $400 poorer and the problem still exist.

OBSERVATION: The continious running fan inside the car has a whistle sound to it. The heat and cool inside the car runs great though.

WHAT NEXT? Thank You.
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ADDITIONAL: I forgot to mention, I have NO antifreeze leaks, NO antifreeze loss and NO leaks or loss of any fluids anywhere, whether on the engine or on the ground. My car is totally dry ... NO leaks.
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1. How high is your temp when idling? It is normal for an engine temp to increase when you shut it off. The water quits flowing to take the heat away to the radiator. When you re-start your engine after 5-10 minutes you will see a higher reading than when you shut it down. It will normally take a few minutes running to come back to normal. If engine is staying hot at an idle could be a problem with your cooling fan (at radiator) If has electric fan, may have worn motor. If mechanical fan, could be bad thermal clutch.
2. Are you sure your temp gauge is reading correctly??? Could be bad sending unit or gauge.

Let me know what you find.
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I agree with Dan.

Have the coolant temperature checked through a scanner. It can read the actual output of the sensor through the tool.

Do not trust the dash gauge, it is hardly a barometer of accuracy .
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