Can cigarette lighter / power port be converted to ignition independent?


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Can cigarette lighter / power port be converted to ignition independent?

I was wondering if it's easy to rewire the cigarette lighter / power port of a car so that it is independent of the ignition? That is, the power port can provide power even when the key is not in the ignition. I think I used to have a car that could do this, and the concept is pretty simple - the wire connects to the battery instead of through the ignition, but is it easily possible to change that?

If it matters, I have a Mazda Protege5

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Generally most cigarette lighters are wired for 12 volt constant.

If not, you could probably run the cigarette lighter to a 12v constant source.

But why ?
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Thanks for the reply Joe. The reason is that I find it convenient to use my car charger for my cell phone. Problem is, I don't drive enough to fully charge my phone. If the power outlet worked even without the key, then my cell phone would get charged even when parked.

On that front, do you know HOW to do it? That is, would the "hot" lead of the power adaptor be easily accessible through the fuse box so I could run it to a constant source instead of the ignition?

Minor issue, yes, but thought I'd ask!
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The cigarete lighter on all three of my cars (Chevy, Honda and Toyota) are powered at all times. I'm pretty sure it's the same for all brands. I would check your first before I do any wiring.
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You'll either need a schematic to verify the power wire at the fuse block or locate the connector or wires at the lighter and probe with a test light until you find the one that is pos with the ignition on. Pull it from the lighter and run a fused constant from the fusebox or key cylinder/ignition switch...If it turns out the lighter assembly has a connector as opposed to older style which connects to terminals on the lighter assembly then you will need to cut and splice.............You could even opt to pick up a secondary power adapter which can be mounted under the dash which would help avoid having to cut a factory wire harness which could possibly void a warranty........
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StephenS, yes, my other alternative if I couldn't easily do it was to pick up a female cigarette lighter power outlet & hard wire it so I would have power all the time.

Trinitro, it seems to be brand specific. My VW has power all the time but the Mazda does not.
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most new cars, lighter/power outlet are ignition powered.
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My 91 Protege has switched power on cigarette lighter

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