what's that fluttering sound?


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Question what's that fluttering sound?

i have a problem, i think.
i have a 1990 mitsu mirage exe. while i have my foot on the gas pedal, it makes this fast fluttering noise. it just started today.
does anyone know what the prob may be?
any help would be appreciated...
thanks and God bless <><
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Does this noise occur under the hood? Are there any accompanying symptoms such as engine skipping, idling rough? You may have an exhaust leak, or any number of things wrong. Try to give us as much detail as possible, like mileage, recent repairs, etc...

I like your signature text by the way
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well, we just bought the car about 3 weeks ago. it has 137000 miles on it. we haven't done any thing to it yet.
um....the noise is coming from under the hood, only when we give it gas...and it's just a faint fluttering sound.
no enine skipping, or rough idling.
i know it needs new spark plugs and the basic tune up....someone is going to do it for us tomorrow after church.

so far, it's been a great little car....GREAT gas mileage!!

God bless you too! <><
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Give it all the basics and then let us know what you find. You could have an exhaust leak for one.
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maybe gas

i read in here somewhere that the rattling your hearing may be the low octane gas, try a higher grade,i have the same problem and am going to see if it works

good luck
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Just a shot in the dark, but...

I had a similar problem on a '87 Toyota MR2 (MK1). I checked everything, got on MR2 forums etc... I drove with the noise a good two weeks.
The problem was found when changing an A/C belt, and was in fact the harmonic balencer. The engine never mis-fired, stuttered, ran rough or anything you'd expect. The belt tension appeared to be enough to keep the belts driving and I have no idea how it didn't throw the pulley, but the rubber was completely seperated from the steel.
Most likely not your problem, just another thing to check while your nose is under the hood

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