carb work?


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carb work?

Ok I have a 87 grand prix with a 1974 chevy 350, I just took the 4 brrl holley carb off to get rebuilt, model 650 I believe, I dont know much about carbs, but when I get my carb back will it come with a new gasket to mount on the intake or can I use the old one, I f the kit doesnt come with one will a normal parts store carry holley parts or where do i have to go to get it.

Second ? same car ........Where the tranny lines screw into the radiator there is a crack, I went and bought a new radiator but all they had that fit the car was actually for a 305 I believe the parts guy said, I bought the heavier duty radiator, I had a choice between a radiator with 2 tubes or I got the one with 3 tubes, Is the size difference going to make a difference cooling?
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A quality carb rebuild kit will come with the base gasket, and the mechanic who is rebuilding it for you should supply you with it.

As for the radiator, is it the same size, dimension wise? It should do fine if it fits correctly. A 3 flue radiator should keep the engine nice and cool as long as the shroud and everything else match up. Some 350s came with 2 flue radiators, so you are making an improvement in comparison to that.
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A Chevy engine in a Pontiac is a complete downgrade, but ahem, anyhow ......

<-------Owns three Pontiacs with PONTIAC power . Much better My .02: A Chevy engine belongs in a Chevy, a Pontiac in Pontiac, and an Olds in an Olds

Holleys are lackluster for most street cars and really not needed. A Q-jet is a better choice overall for what you have. Better fuel economy, throttle response, power and overall better emissions. If you MUST or NEED a "high performance" carburetor, an Edelbrock knockoff of the Q-jet is a better choice than any Holley for a street car.

But, a Holley rebuild kit should be available anywhere. Any of the mail order houses such as Jegs, Summit, and such will have rebuild kits for this. You can also go to Holley's website and ask where a distributor is as well. They will also have literature on your smoker, I mean carburetor , to send you. I did that with Edelbrock on a setup that someone gave me and they were very helpful.

As for trany lines, Fine Lines, Inline Tube and Classic Tube can likely make prefitted lines using the old ones as patterns. This is the neatest, most efficient and best way.

Since you are shoe horning a 350 in there, any parts for a 350 of the same vintage on another car should work fine. The 305 was an option on an 87 Grand Prix and many parts are interchangeable or can be made to fit between the 350 and the 305.

The 3 core radiator was a good idea.
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Thanks for all the info, this site has yet to fail me, I figured I would get some grief on the chevy/pontiac deal but until I have enough $$$ to completely restore the car and engine, I have to go with what was in it. So far I'm not impressed with the fuel mileage, and it is sluggish from the light, so If I do go with a different carb for the 350, what do you wrenchheads suggest, Last I checked I was getting around 7 miles to the gallon on the turnpike, so needless to say It,s justa toy but What are my options to get a little more bite and a little better mileage, keep in mind $$$ I dont have alot so I need what is best for my situation for the dollar. thanks in advance
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I still prefer the Holley carb over the a polished Qjet(edlebrock) because they are adjustable to any situation and your car sounds like it has the right size carb(cfm) on it. 7 miles to the gallon! Is that carburetor a doublepumper? If your after performance and mileage I would suggest a vac. secondary holley(600cfm) or so for that car. Does it have a whoppitty-whoppitty camshaft in it(Too big of a camshaft for the combo)? The key to perfomance and mileage is to have matched parts. Every piece you buy or install should compliment the other.

Just my two cents!
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Well as far as the cam shaft, I have no clue, almost everything that is on the car is the way I bought it, And as I said earlier carb work is deffinetly not my strong point, so as for the double pumper and a vac secondary holley 600cfm you have me completely lost. Sorry this is my first problm with a carb and I usually learn as I go. So this is all new for me!
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Most Holleys are to blame for poor fuel mileage.

That is because a Rochester Q-jet has smaller primary bores. Only when you romp on it, do the secondaries open (and hence the fuel mileage goes Driving around town with a Q-jet (or even on the highway) will net you better fuel mileage than any Holley.

A warmed over Q-jet from the Carburetor Shop in California or anyone good with Q-jets will make for a better running car on the street...including fuel mileage. No Holley will give you that .

I like to keep my GM products all GM, so that means Rochester for me .

That being said, the proper way to do it is to put the car on a gas analyzer and see what is coming out the other end. Probably running painfully rich with that Holley on it.

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