engine service light


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engine service light

i took my car to the shop and they told me that the EGR valve needed replaced. so i did & the service engine light came back on.
the memory has been cleared (by the shop) & i unhooked the battery to clear it again. and the light is still coming on. do i take it back & spend another $50.00 to have it checked again?
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You need to post yr, make, and model. If the car is OBD-II the check engine light can generally NOT be reset by disconnecting battery as it has a memory similar to that in the CMOS in your home computer. As I understand it, these bvehicles can only be reset with the proper OBD-II scanner.

Did the original shop check the codes with a diagnostic computer before doing the EGR valve? If so, possible problem is that the code it gave up was for emission components without being specific to the EGR and the garage made an educated guess as to which component. At any rate, will need to go back on a scanner. Good luck.

And by the way, any reputable garage would not charge you an additional $50 for diagnosing a problem they didn't fix the first time around.
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I agree with TowGuy.

That being said, some GM's clog up the EGR ports and are notorious for annoying flashes of the light because the EGR ports get clogged up again.

Go back to the guy and ask him to investigate.
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Sometimes an O2 sensor on the exhaust will cause a check engine light to come on. Your best bet is to have your car checked on a code scanner for the real problem.


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