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Question honda civic

My question is about a 1992 honda civic. On cold damp mornings (temperature above freezing) the car either wont start or is very difficult to start. It has been towed to the shop twice. the first time the plugs were replaced the second time the main relay was replaced. it is still not fixed and the shop can't figure out what is wrong with it because by the time they get it it will start. Any ideas what might be causing this?
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Hi Mark75,

You need three things to make a car run:compression, ignition, fuel

It should be very easy to diagnose seeing how it doesn't start at all at times..

Is the motor in good mechanical shape?

Do you have spark?

Do you have fuel pressure/injector pulse?

Good luck
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I assume you mean it will crank but not run (turn over).

That being said, also check my posts and links in my signature file below. Tell us what you find.
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It sounds like you have a bad ignition cables & bad ignition cap & rotor. Check their resistance if they are still on specifications. Good luck on the repairs. Keep us posted.

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True. OM is right. If you can't remember when they were changed, now is the time

Honda has also had woes with igniters and coils of this vintage as well. The shop doing the repairs should know that and check that accordingly
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I would bet on the fuel pump relay. If the car is not getting fuel it can't start. If the wires are dirty, and have corrosion, you will bet a bad contact.
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Could be, but...

I lean to ignition troubles when I hear cold/damp and no start.

They tend to go hand in hand, so I agree with OM.

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