starter problems on ford probe


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starter problems on ford probe

I have a 1990 ford Probe (4 cyl, 12 valve, non turbo) that does not like to start after it has set for a while. This happens most of the time in cold weather. Once I attempt to crank the car, the starter will start out cranking but then makes a whining sounds and acts as if it is not getting enough power to turn. If you continue to attempt to start the car, it will eventually start. I also experience a clicking noice at start up. It sounds kinda like lifter noice but I am not sure. After the engine has run for a minute or two, the clicking noise goes away. I need help on this please.
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If your cable connections are sound and tight, likely a wiped starter. Double check your connections and if they are good, bad starter likely.

That being said, the tapping in the engine after it starts up is not starter related. It is poor oil pressure, or the oil is taking too long to pump up. Could be too thick of a grade of oil for the climate.

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