1998 toyota camry stalls at stoplights, then doesn't want to start back up

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1998 toyota camry stalls at stoplights, then doesn't want to start back up

Has anyone had this problem before? This car has about 80,000 miles on it. It is a 4 door, 1998 Toyota Camry, with a 4 cylinder engine, and an automatic transmission. It always starts up fine when it's cold, but after you get in it and drive about 15 minutes or more, when you come to a stop, the engine begins idling rough and wants to stall. If you press on the gas pedal and rev the engine, it begins to idle normally. But if you allow the car to stall out, then the engine is difficult to start. It cranks but won't fire up. I have to let it sit for a minute or two, then press the gas pedal and crank the engine, usually starts it back up.
Trouble is, it only does this sporatically (about 10% of the time); it doesn't happen every time you come to a redlight.
Also sporatically (about 10% of the time), If you park the car (engine warm) and come back in about 10 minutes and try to re-start it; then I have the same difficulty starting the car as I do if it has stalled out at a red light. I have to start cranking the engine and pump the gas pedal to get it to start.
It idles fine when its started up cold. It idles fine when started up hot, if it starts at all. It just wants to stall out when decelerating to a stop; or it doesn't want to start up again when its hot. Again this is only sporatic.
The "Check Engine" light is off. and the engine temperature is normal.

I've had a couple of mechanics look at this car and they can't find anything wrong with it.

Repairs made in attempt to solve the problem: 1) new timing belt, 2) Cleaned around throttle 3) added 2 bottles of Gas dryer "Iso-Heet" to gas tank twice in 2 months 4) have also tried STP gas treatment twice.

What should I try next? Anyone have any ideas on this one?

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Check www.alldata.com for any known bulletins that match the problem.

Cutting out when hot is usually an ignition type problem, however you should ascertain whether you don't have spark, fuel or air when it happens.

Try my post "the Basics". When it dies and has a hard time restarting, yank off a plug wire and check for spark. If you have none, probably a bad igniter.

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