Removing windshield stickers the easy way


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There is a great little product out there that does away with the hassle of scraping old stickers off your windshield every year. It's called "Sticker Shield". It is a pack of plastic sheets, the kind that can stick to glass by static instead of glue. You put your new window sticker on the plastic then put the plastic on the window. Next year, just peel off the plastic and old sticker and replace with new. It can be ordered from their website at:
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I just scrape 'em off with a inspection sticker scraper (use a new blade) and clean the window with glass cleaner. Comes out like a dream and costs me zero.

Only problem with those things is that if the sticker falls off, the state can and will fine you for an improperly affixed sticker.

I usually put tape neatly in a corner if they come loose. They glue on rather well here in NYS

NYS has 2 year registration stickers now anyhow
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PA requires the inspection mechanic to affix the sticker directly to the windshield. The inspection book clearly states that the windshield must be clean & free of any "foreign material" etc.

Products that make the sticker easier to peel would not be acceptable in PA.
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I was a little concerned about the acceptability of the plastic but I know people who've used thhis for years w/o problems. Personally, I've modified the stickers in other ways for 20 years w/o any problems. I've never seen anyone check the stickers close enough to notice.
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Sounds practical for dump, parking, ID and the like stickers.......especially for the ones that someone slipped down low at the dash or placed on a rear window with defrost lines.....
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I agree. It may make them LOOK fake which might draw attention to them.

As for stickers that are removeable, I just put 'em on a piece of plexiglass with a small chain and hang 'em in place. I did that with my parking sticker for graduate school when I wanted to take another car one evening to class. Worked great.

My mother does the same with her work permit.
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LOL, I don't know what is wrong with this state.

No state inspections!

Last week, I scraped the inspection sticker off my car that had been on there since 1994!

Used a razor blade...

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