Rusty Coolant 96 Tahoe


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Rusty Coolant 96 Tahoe

I have a 96 Tahoe, high 200K way miles. Good performance.

I have historic radiator, water pump,thermosat problems. The coolant continuosly gets rusty and clogs things up, within 5-7,000 miles of complete flush and change out. Any suggestions
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Are you using the proper coolant? How often are you changing it?

This is why I do not like Dexcool, people think they can go forever on a coolant flush.

Old Joe uses good old green and flushes every year. Comes out spotless.
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Change from Dexcool to "Green" stuff

Can you change from Dexcool to green coolant...someone said you can't but others have recommended Peak green coolant
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You can swap, but you should stick with what the manufacturer recommends.

If they say Dexcool, stick with it.

I don't buy the "extended drain" intervals. In fact, I don't buy that for any fluid, be it motor oil or coolant .

I flush once a year. No problems .
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My own choice, comes from wisdom.

Now I am aware that some, will disagree with me, and that's ok because we all can't be right.

Way back in 1969 as a young Mechanic wanibe, (Oil Changer) I met a man bojangles was not his name, LOL. His name was old man, because at 50 I can't remember what the heck his name was.

I do remember what he did , he was a man who as hard as this is to believe, rodded out and soldered and repaired Raiditors. He gave a young Mechanic some very good advice, that I have used from 1969 to the present day.

Son (that's what he called me, not you) he said, if you want your Raiditor and hoses and waterpump to last for a long, long time. Never add water to the Antifreze never. He explained how water like in a battery would cause electrolisis in our engines.

He also told me that by it's nature Glycol was a little thicker than water, so that the heat loss would be 12 degrees less than pure water, so if you car called for a 192 thermostat then you would put in a 180. See the math?

Hey I was young and dumb so I asked. Why don't the people who make the antifreze tell us that ( now I got this ol coot I thought) and he just looked me in the eyes, and said parts manufactures, aren't going to tell you how to keep your parts from wearing out, selling you parts is how they make their money.

Well I took that old mans advice and the many old men, I have met on my Quest to become a Master Mechanic. I have been puting nothing but pure antifreze in all my cars & trucks & those whom I have convienced, since 1969. After 5 years the antifreze we remove from our systems and replace is as clear as the day we put it in.

So Old man wherever you are, thank you for sharing just one of many tricks I have learned along the way. The best way I can pay these Men back is to share what I learned with everyone I meet.

Just a side note: I was for a short time living in a very cold place with my inlaws for 6 mons in Ohio. I had a 1952 GMC Pick up and had no idea how much coolant this monster took so I bought 2 Gal more than I needed. So I set it in the back of my Truck in the snow & ice to return tommorow.

When I got to the parts store I just went in because I forgot about the 2 gals sitting in the back of my Truck. After I got some parts and was checking out I thought wait I got a return. Before I went to get them I told the parts guys about what I had learned about the pure Antifreze. They looked shocked and said don't do that, if you don't add water it will frezze.

At that point I went outside, and got the 2 gals that had sat all night in sub zero weather, and brought them inside & shook the liquid back and forth. I dared to ask, Was it not the Antifreze we added to the water to keep it from freezing? Then one of the parts guys said, well it might not have frozen at the sub 0 temps in the back of your truck, because it only happens when you have it in your system, and the wind blows cold air through your Raidiator.

So once again, I will tell you as a Mechanic, a way to save yourself time and money. Always remember the companies that tell you to add water, also tell you to change your oil at 5,000 miles and not to change your dirty old oil filter until next oil change, LOL I love it a quart of dirty oil mixing with your brand new oil.

Happy Motoring, Marturo
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I loved that story Marturo . I can see the wise old sage on the mountain telling you what to do. .

Fact is water and coolant as a MIX will raise the boiling point of the system over pure water or pure antifreeze. We're after year round protection here.

Fact is we drain our coolant every year to remove the dirt and junk that floats around. Antifreeze doesn't wear out, the additive package in it becomes neutralized/worn out.

Five years is way too long on a coolant change. Coolant costs 4 bucks a gallon on sale and changing it every year is well worth the cost .

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