3 repair questions? "89 t-bird"


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Talking 3 repair questions? "89 t-bird"

My bird needs tire rods(inner&outer"front end")? I've got a very leakin radiator, and a completly burnt out dash display!
Can't read how fast, how much gas, nothin! Is there anything I
can fix myself? If not? Can you tell me "roughly" how much its gonna cost fix it all?

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You can do everything except the alignment when your done.

The radiator is simple. Drain coolant, remove 3 hoses, two trans lines, couple of bolts and wallah! Use a 50/50 mix of antifreeze/water and check your trans fluid when done..

The tie rods can be a little bit of a bear, but you can do it, I have faith in you! Remove the cotter pins at the spindles and remove the nuts holding the outer tierod to the spindle. Using a tierod separator, remove the tierod end from the spindle. I would suggest new boots and clamps for the steering rack if they are broken or look in bad shape. So, cut the clamps holding the boots to the rack and pull them back far enough to be able to loosen the inner tierod ends(there is usually a locking ring to keep the inner tierod end from just spinning off if it happens to come loose). If you are going to reuse the boots, you will have to separate the inner and outer tierod ends, but I suggest separating them so that you can count the number of turns it takes to remove them(You need to put the new ones back on the same number of turns).

The dash is probably the hardest, but with some patients you can get it done. Cant tell you the exact order of parts removal though. I would replace all of the bulbs when I was in there though.

I think that I would get a repair manual, especially for the dash, it will be money well spent..

Installation is the reverse of dissasembly on all of these..

Good luck
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I agree with Chad. Good advice.

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