Cooling System


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Cooling System

85 Chrysler New Yorker

The car was taken to a mechanic and the mechanic said that it was a cracked head or blown head gaskets but it doesnt seem to show any of the symptoms that ive ever seen. There is no steamy smoke out of the exhaust. there is no antifreeze in the oil.
The mechanic says as soon as the engine is started the rad pressures up. He told me that it is "combustion in the cooling system". I would like to know if this guy is out to lunch. If anyone has any idea about this please reply

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There are testers you can rent at any parts store which will turn color when the presence of hydrocarbons are shown in the cooling system.

A gas analyzer would also pinpoint that as well.

You don't mention engine size or mileage, so I assume you mean a 2.2 engine. They are notorious for head gasket issues

If this is the case and the gasket is blown, pitch the car for something better. Not worth fixing a K car variant this old.

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