CHECK ENGINE Warning Light


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Question CHECK ENGINE Warning Light

Two days after getting my oil changed at the local Subaru dealer, my CHECK ENGINE warning light goes off on my Subaru. According to my Manual, it means an emission control system malfunction has occurred. I also noticed that when it first went off, my engine did not intially respond when I pressed down on the gas pedal. Exactly how dangerous is this to my engine? Also, could my emission control have been damaged when they changed my oil? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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The year and model of the Subaru would be a start...

That being said:

1) If it's new, it might be covered by the warranty.
2) You need an OBDII compliant scanner/code reader to find out why the light is on if we are talking a 1996 or newer vehicle.
3) It is important to find out why the light is on.

That being said, we need more information to help.
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more info about car

Sorry I didn't give any good background. As a physician, I know that history is many times the most important information. I will try and do better.

My car is a 2001 Subaru Leagacy L series with a standard 4 cyl engine. I just took my car in today to be checked but will probably not hear from anyone until tomorrow(3/26). I first noticed the light on Friday when I was leaving work. The light doesn't blink but just stays lit. When I was leaving work, I also noticed that when I pressed down on the gas pedal the engine would go up to 1800 rpms then pause even though I was still depressing the pedal. After about a second or two it would then respond and jump up to 2000 rpms or so. I then stopped and let the car idle for about 3 to 4 mintues and the engine then responded normally.

I haven't driven thecar over the weekend and only once started on Sunday just to see if the warning lght would persist. When I did, the engine made a loud clunking noise for about 1-2 seconds as I was starting it. It then turned over and started normally. When I started it today, Monday, it started normally and behaved without any problems as I drove it into the dealership to be checked. It should fall under my warranty. I was just concerned exactly how serious of a problem this may be for my car. Thanks for the input.
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It would be covered under warranty, and let the dealer handle it for you right away, as it's prudent that they do.

Hesitation on acceleration is not good, so it's important to rectify that before larger problems occur.

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