'91 Hyundai stumbles at idle


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'91 Hyundai stumbles at idle

Please help! I've got a '91 Hyundai Sonata with the dohc 2-litre 4-cylinder and automatic transmission. Recently it has taken to running rough at idle while in gear and warmed up. Out of gear, it seems fine. In gear and at part-throttle, it seems fine. When the trouble started, I thought to change the spark plugs, since it had been a while since last change. Afterward, I drove down the street and back, and the problem seemed to have vanished. Upon driving to work this morning, however, it was back. Any ideas? Oh, in addition, while changing the plugs, I noticed a considerable amount of oil in the cavity in the head cover where the spark plugs reside, and some in the spark plug well for the far-passenger-side cylinder (#1 or #4?). What's up with that? Other moderators and contributors have assisted me with home heating problems; I know I can trust this forum for the same quality help. Thanks - Chris
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The oil leak may be causing a misfire by getting into the combustion chamber. Change the valve cover gasket or seals to prevent that.

Do that, change the spark plugs and see where that gets you.

Also start with the ideas in my signature file (both the posts and links there).

Tell us what you find.

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