Kit Cars


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Kit Cars

Just wondering if the technologies of manufacturing have brought kit cars into the "simplicity" stage. Use to be very difficult, now the few episodes of DIY/shadestree shows I've seen they seem like just bolt together components. What's the real scoop and any great websites to start getting educated about what's out there?
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That's a good question. Kit cars are likely not really "kits" but more specialty type chassis that will accomodate various combinations of parts (ex: Chevy 350, Ford 302, Ford 9" rear, THM350, etc).

Depends on what you mean by "Kit".

Are you assembling parts of various combinations?
Does it have to meet emission regulations?
Do you want modern equipment in it?
Are you fabricating your own stuff?
Are you just assembling parts from this, parts from that and they are not a coordinated package?

In all honesty, unless a kit car is going to be worth something, it's nothing more than a conversation piece. I get turned off by kit cars in a sense. It's like ordering a power tool out of a catalog . Now the guy that BUILDS things to work and match together and drives it to the show, he's the guy to emulate .

My .02
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I tried my hand at an AC cobra kit about 6 years ago, it was alot of work, alot of fab work. I installed a top loader with a 428 had the motor running in the car about 90% complete and $18,000 later, I thought I was getting out of a money pit and sold it for $17,000 the dude I sold it to finished it for about $23,000 and sold it for $30,000! Now days Cobra kits with 5.0 mustang donors are going for over $30,000 turn key! It depends on what you buy and the quality of your work. The 5.0 donor kits are really straight forward because your using a mustang donor car. The one I had you had to fab many parts. You will not make $ on a kit unless you do most of the work your self period.
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Not worth it to me. I'll just get another body and drop in the motor myself.

Can buy a completely restored old Corvette or other muscle car for that money and restore it better than new. It will also tend to be worth more as it has history, backing and the parts to support it.

Not to mention that since all the parts fit together and were designed to work together you have a safer vehicle .

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