pulling a 2.8 Chevy motor from a Blazer S-10


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Question pulling a 2.8 Chevy motor from a Blazer S-10

I bought this 1984 Chevy Blazer Sport recently from an auction. I just could'nt seem to part with the money for a new SUV. It started OK , but there was a loud knocking sound coming from the engine compartment. I let it run for 10 min. or so. Then I drove it approx. 5 miles and it turned itself off.It startedback up after a couple of min. Luckily I was around the corner from a friend's home .So I left it there for 2-days and had it towed to my garage. My question is ....Do I need to rebuild ,replace the engine or is there a minor repair ie. crank kit ? If so can you tell me if I should put the same or like engine back in it , or should I replace with a different size more reliable ? If so with what and do I need to replace the transmission as well since I'll have the engine out either way ?
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Best bet is to get a remanufactured short block and install it, transferring over all accessories and brackets from the original. A reman motor runs about 500 to 800 as a short block. ATK North America is a large supplier of reman engines. Most parts retailers can order their line of engines.

If the truck is in poor shape, count your losses and pitch it for something better. Today it's the engine, tomorrow it's the transmission, the day after the body rots off the frame. If the truck is in good shape, go ahead with the rebuild on it and use a short block.

Unfortunately, that's likely why it was at the auction. The oil pressure was low to start with .
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If you are going to do a swap find a junked blazer with the 4.3, much better engine--I helped in such a swap several years ago, came out great. 2.8 was a car engine--no place in a truck!
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The 4.3 in most years in the Blazer (in fact all) are computer controlled.

I believe the 2.8 vin code B used in this year Blazer is a non feedback style unit.

It will be a hokey hook up but would work swapping in the 4.3 for the 2.8. The 2.8 carbed versions were dogs. The 2.8 vin R that was fuel injected from 1986 on was far superior to the Varajet used up through 1985.
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