'93 Mazda Protege: Tune Up?


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'93 Mazda Protege: Tune Up?

In short, my question is: What do I need do to (other than change the sparkplugs, fluids, & belts) in order to perform a complete tune up?

(I will settle for the answer to be a reference to another thread or URL link for some step-by-step instructions on less common maintenance operations like changing transmission oil.)

I have a used 1991 Mazda Protege SE 1.8L SOHC with automatic transmission. I am not too familiar with its history, other than that it was underdriven (currently at 80,000 miles) and therefore not well maintained once the warranty expired.
It runs pretty well now, except that there seems to be quite a lag when I try to accelerate when I'm at say, 25mph. I realize this engine is by no means a racer, but I think that lag is not inherent.
I've decided to start addressing the problem by changing the sparkplugs, and that already resulted in improved performance.
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A complete tuneup includes (as equipped, and your Mazda has all of them, except the cabin filter):

All filters, gas, oil, air, cabin, etc.
Oil change complete with lube as applicable.
Code check with a scanner if the check engine light is on.

You might choose to check for trouble codes before you start anywhere else. A tuneup with all the parts mentioned above is a maintenance/service not a "wait till it fails" type service.

TLC and regular service is the key to a well oiled machine .

See the links in my signature file for some ideas. Also get a repair manual for your application through the library or parts store.

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