Bumper Repair


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Bumper Repair

Good Afternoon all,

Quick question. I have a 01 dodge stratus, and today i pulled into a parking spot, it caught my bumper, and while reversing out, it pulled partially off. Well i put it back on, but noticed that by having it torn, it tore all the holes that the screws went into on the bumper itself. It is holding good, as far as i can tell, but i am curious how, or what i can use to reinforce the bumber so it doesn't slide off again. I hope this makes sense. I was thinking if they made a washer with one side that had teeth of some kind so when i screw it in the teeth will dig in aroung the ripped hole and it would better stabalize it, but i don't know if something like that exists. Please any help on this will be greatly appreciated.
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You can probably shoehorn it together, but it's going to look hokey and you're talking about a 2001 vehicle not an old junker

Also the bumper is part of the crash protection system, so don't compromise that. Get the needed parts and fix it right...even if it involves a new bumper cover.

Hit your Chrysler dealer's parts department to have a look at a photo of the attachment system of the bumper. You might just need new fasteners.

Your insurance might cover the damage as well.

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