Problem with 1979 Dodge Aspen


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Problem with 1979 Dodge Aspen

I have a 1979 Dodge Aspen, 318, 2BBL. The problem, the car will not start after it is warmed up. I have replaced the Spark Control Module, the PCV valve, the Thermostat, and still no luck. The car will turn over sometimes, but very slowly. Most of the time the car will not turn over. After it cools, the car starts with no problems at all. Please, this is driving me crazy, I need help.
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It sounds like your battery is going south. When this happens again try to jump start the battery with another car. If it starts you found your problem. Good luck on the repairs. Keep me posted.

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Thanks, but I have tried that with no luck whatsoever, as I said, I dont know what else to do
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If you are stating that it cranks slow, you might have a bad starter or a poor connection at the battery/grounds/starter. Usually this is to blame for hot start problems.

That being said, have your battery load tested. Check the links and posts in my signature file for some ideas.

I remember these Aspens. They have that pesky spark control system and carburetors .

Additionally, is your timing on the mark? Wear in the timing chain? How many miles on it?
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its definately the starter.
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Problem Fixed

It was the starter, problem fixed, thanks for all the help

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