where can i get a fusable link


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Problems with 1995 ford ranger!!

i need help. i replaced my alternator because i was getting no power from the old one. the new on didnt do anything and i was told that my fuseable link could be blown that gos from my starter relay to my alternator. there is a smell of somthing burnt coming from the area of my alternator so i know something is toasted. my vehicle is a 1995 ford ranger 4 cylinder model. any help or tips on where i can obtain a fuseable link and how to install it would be greatly appriciated
and the cheaper the better. who ever reads this Thank you very much for your time
my email is [email protected]

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you can buy fusible links at any parts store, on that late of a model vehicle they usually use maxi fuses in the underhood fuse block instead of the traditional wire fusible link which would be coming off of the starter solenoid on the fenderwell next to the battery.
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Any parts store or Ford dealer should have the fusible link you need.

I agree with BeJay.

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