1996 Lincoln towncar warning light


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Question 1996 Lincoln towncar warning light

The warning light " check air suspension " comes on and stays on..If I change the blown fuse it stays off for less than 100 miles, comes on again and will come and go intermetantly. (sp?) THen will come on again to stay until I change the fuse again. Obviously, I need to take care this as a blown fuse is an indication of some other more serious problem...but WHAT IS IT? My wife says that the left rear side looks lower than the other...Any ideas?
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The compressor is probably on its way out. This is *probably* due to a leaking Left Rear air spring.

An ammeter can confirm the compressor motor current draw & a soap & water solution can identify a leaking air spring. New parts are available from your local Ford dealer and many online parts wholesalers.

Get a good (OEM) service manual before you try to tackle this job yourself....the system isn't especially complex, but there are a few safety precautions & special procedures you'll need to know about. The manual will tell you everything you need to know.
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Another droopy Ford. I think that air bag system is terrible. The spring system used on the Crown Vic is far superior.

I teased my coworker when his 87 Continental left him flat.....errr, air bag flat that is. I always give him good natured ribbing about that.

I agree with Knuckles on the factory literature. You can also try using a subscription to Alldata.com for the factory type literature...but the original Ford service manual is probably more detailed.
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If you complain enought the dealer will fix the air ride system for you. My father used to have a 96 Continental and his went. He told the dealer "I don't care if the warranty is up, I bought the car BECAUSE it rides smooth, and the one part of this car that isn't found on a regular Ford shouldn't burn out." They eventually caved.

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