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Question injector sequence

The manual that I have says that my injectors fire---- simultaneously- meaning they all fire at the same time, not bank to bank. This is on an 88 celeb-2.8l-v6-vinw. The guys on the Beretta site that use this same engine, say the injectors fire bank to bank. So I guess my old manual is wrong? Is there any way you can look at a GM v engine and tell if it is bank to bank or if they fire all at the same time. Like if the v engine has a distributor and mpi , then the injectors are simultaneous fired, not bank to bank. And if the v engine has dis ignition and mpi then your injectors fire bank to bank. Can you say that all rwd GM vehicles with mpi have simultaneous fired injectors, meaning no bank to bank? And all fwd GM vehicles with mpi, fire their injectors bank to bank? I was just looking for easy way to tell how the injectors fired. Of course there is SFI, I,ll save that for another day. thanks
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It depends on the year, engine Vin and combination in the car. GM flops around.

I believe the 2.8 W is MFI, not SFI, can't remember.

Most parts catalogs specify if they are SFI or MFI.
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early gm fuel injected 2.8 engines did vary from year to year just look at a wiring diagram for your model car they may have all six injectors going to one quad driver terminal on the ecm if that is the case they do all fire simultaneously, they may also use one terminal to fire 3 injectors and a seperate terminal for the other three, the later gm models did start using a seperate driver for each individual injector.

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