1991 Plymouth Laser Smoking


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1991 Plymouth Laser Smoking

I have a 1991 Plymouth Laser and it today it started smoking from the exhaust pipe. I thought it might be low on oil (I always have to put oil in it). and it was. I put in a few quarts and started driving again. When I got on the interstate and got up to around 55 mph, it started smoking again.
I am fairly certain it is a gasket, but I don't know which one it might be. I can see oil spots on the ground from time to time, but nothing to indicate a major leak from the oil pan.
Any advice on which gasket it might be?
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If the smoke is bluish in color it's probably burning oil. That's bad valves, guides and other troubles...unless the car is in great shape or you really love it, pitch it if this is the case. Not worth fixing. Too costly. Better can be had for less money.

Additionally, you could have oil dripping onto the hot exhaust...but it wouldn't be coming OUT of the tailpipe. That indicates it's burning (combusting) oil or some other fluid.

These cars were lackluster and had many oil burning problems.

If the smoke smells sweet and is white, that is a bad head gasket/warped head. Again not worth fixing at all.

Sounds like you have typical oil related woes with your FJ body. Common on these, they are puffers .

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