1991 Buick Park Avenue - Stalling!


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Question 1991 Buick Park Avenue - Stalling!

HELP!!!! Perhaps someone will know the answer to this technical puzzler....The PROBLEM: The car, a 1991 Buick Park Avenue (I know-a geezer mobile), 35000 miles, runs fine until reaching operating temperature then will unexplainably stall. First happened when doing 65 mph down I-95. Pulled to side of road, car restarted but only seemed to run on 2 cylinders...reached top speed of 38. Pulled into shopping plaza and it died again. Restarted but again not all 6 cylinders. Let sit 10 minutes, restarted and ran normally rest of day. Problem more frequent now. Have another '91 Park Ave and have swapped the following parts: MAF sensor, ECM, coil pack and ignition module - didn't help. Replaced fuel filter, spark plugs & plug wires - didn't help. Car will run fine and even when revving (say 2000 rpm) seems as if some cylinders drop out, lift foot off gas and she dies. Believe me, I'm open to ideas....can anyone solve this one? Thanks for your help!
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you might try replacing the crank sensor if you havent already done so. short of that take it to a shop and have it diagnosed you may have to leave it at the shop for several days so they can see the problem occur.
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I agree with BeJay. Try the crank sensor.
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Question Attempting Replacement of Crank and camshaft sensors on 1991 Buick Park Avenue

Gentlemen, Thanks much for your sage advice. Have begun work on replacing the crank and cam sensors. Have removed the harmonic balancer (damper) crankshaft bolt. NEW PROBLEM: According to Haynes the harmonic damper should come off by hand when the bolt is removed. No way for this project! The damper isn't budging. Went out and bought a Lisle harmonic balancer puller, however, discovered that there is nothing for the three puller bolts to thread into! Must be related to the design that claims that it should come off by hand! I wonder what the GM Goodwrench boys do when faced with this situation? GM service people seem tight-lipped whenever asked a question. Guess they just want us to buy their cars and expect us to run to the dealership for each and every repair....What? And deprive us of all this "fun"? Anyway, I'm at a standstill and am desperate for a solution to this latest dilema. Once again I beg your assistance. Thanking you in advance for your ideas and patience. Regards.
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It requires a different style puller.Go to an auto parts store and ask for a puller for that vehicle.Check recalls if that is a 3.8 they replaced the timing cover due to excessive cam thrust.(they keep breaking cam sensors)
Check the link below to see if this pertains to your vehicle.
It may also help with removal procedures.
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Sears has the proper puller in their Craftsman line or just rent it from Autozone. The unit kinda looks like a hand print in shape.

The three bolt holes are used to insert the bolts from the puller kit. The puller "pushes" the pulley off the crankshaft by pivoting against the center bolt. You'll see when you get the right puller how it all works.

Coming off by hand? Never seen that on a crankshaft damper in my experience . That's why I do not like Haynes manuals. Often wrong and too generic.
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It,s not the Gm goodwrenches that designed these things so you have to bring it in for certain repairs ,It's the engineers you should be blaming.lol

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