Should one "warm up" an engine before driving??


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Question Should one "warm up" an engine before driving??

I've been told by some people that after starting a car, you should wait for some unquantified period of time before putting it into "drive" and starting on your way. Is this true? and if so, how long do you have to idle to "warm up"? Thanks! t
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Ive read 15 seconds is enough to get oil pumping and things coated. Longer is better if its cold.By no means is it gospel but it sure cant hurt.
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easy does it

My 2 cents on warming up the car are 15-30 seconds and drive easy for a couple of miles till oil gets to temp.The wararmer the outside temp the less time to baby it.
I live in Texas were winter can be cold and summer hot.Here is something to keep in mind for saftey if you have ice on the windows warm up car as long as nessarey to remove it so you can see.Here on some days the windows fog up due to cold temps on those days I do warm up the car till windows are clear this is the safe thing to do. in summer time I never warm up car oil is pretty thin already at 90 outside temp.
When temp is in the 20s with no frost on windows 15-30 seconds and drive easy for a few miles no jackrabbit starts.
Use common sense I say.
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Unless you need time to clear windows as michael referred to, just drive it, but easy on the gas for a mile or two; otherwise just sitting in the driveway does nothing but make the gas stations happy. Once the engine has started, by the time you put your hand on the shifter lever oil is already everywhere it needs to be and as long as you do oil changes regularly with the proper MULTIGRADE oil, no problem.
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I agree with all presented here.

Not only do you want to warm up the engine oil, but you want to warm up the tranny oil, differential oil and everything else.

I usually start it up and then buckle up, adjust a few things, maybe get out and chase the errant trash can lid after the NYC Sanitation throws it, and then I go. I take it easy the whole way. By the time the heat comes out of the vents, the vehicle is warmed up and the juices are flowing.

Go easy, use the right grade of oil, change it regularly and there should be no problem.
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The biggest reason to warm up an engine is so that the internal parts expand so that the clearances specified by the engineers are correct. Pistons, rods, etc will all expand quite a bit. You ever hear a car tap when it was cold (piston slap) but quiet down when it warmed up? Now thats a little extreme, but you get the idea...
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warm up

Wow, this forum rocks! Thanks to you all for a 'warm response' to the warm up question...i'll help spread the word. THX. t
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I believe there's no optimum warm-up time, but that much depends on the condition of the particular car. An older car would require a little longer to warm-up for good running on the road, not just for engine efficiency but also for the transmission. I agree with all that's been said by prior respondents. By all means, however, "listen" to your own car and do what makes it "happiest" (read "run better"). For most cars this would be a warm-up time in the range of 15 seconds to a couple or three minutes max.

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