Joe F. and Knuckles


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Joe F. and Knuckles

Even though Joe and I have had our problems lately, I will try to help as much as possible and work with you both...

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Welcome aboard chadtoolio

I am sure that when we all sit back, and think about it. The why we are here, is to help, Do it Yourselfers to do it right & safely.

As I have mentioned once before, when we work as a team , there's not a virtual Garage on the net, that can hold a candle to us.

We may not always agree, so that means were human. Oh and heaven forbid we may be dead wrong. And that my fellow DIYers, is just why we need to work as a team.

Our post is not unlike the, Rifles, Pistols, Shotgun, & Archery Forum. The machinery we give advice on, can hurt or kill, so make no mistake, lives or on the line here, and I want to be part of a team, of dedicated Men & Women, who put the people we help #1.

Time to roll up our sleeves and get busy
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Lol. No problem here Chad.... Never saw one actually. Lol. We ARE allowed have differences of opinion .

We can always dissent. This does not make us bad folks. That is how we learn by our differences.

That being said, we're all trying to learn in the process.

Carry on and move 'em out

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