Any suggestions appreciated


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Any suggestions appreciated

Last week my husband brought our 94 Honda Accord to have the oil and transmission fluids changed. A few dys later, I drove the car to our local grocery store and noticed a "trail" of oil through the parking lot and a small puddle under the car. When I got home, I told my husband who checked under the car. There was oil leaking. Also, when he opened the hood, he found that the oil cap had not been tightened,in fact it was barely on. The next day, when he added oil, it almost immediately began to leak oil again. My husband and I know very little about cars. We do know that it NEVER leaked oil until we just got the oil changed this last time. The station that changed the oil is almost 30 minutes away and we are afraid to drive it that far. Could it just be that he did not put the filter on correctly? It seems to come out in spurts when we first start the car and then it just slowly leaks out. We have contacted the owner, but he has not called us back yet. ANy thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Sounds like you hit the nail on the head, sometimes when you change the oil filter the gasket can come off of the old one and stick to the block and when the new one is installed the gaskets will "double up" and can cause a leak.

Other than that check to see that the oil pan drain plug is tight and copper crush washer was installed.

If it is leaking that bad and you don't feel comfortable checking these things, I wouldn't drive the car and would have it towed in!

Good luck
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Oil leak

Hi and welcome to DIY, bpalyo,

From what you say, about how the leak gets worse when you start the car. It could be, that the Oil change place, could have cross threaded, or even installed the wrong oil filter.

Do you have a set of drive up car ramps? You could get some at a discount auto parts place. Then take the car specs in with you, and buy the right oil filter, and reinstall it yourself.

Of course, you don't need the ramps, if you can reach the filter from the top. An inexpensieve oil filter wrench would help take it off. Allways remember to put some oil on the rubber sealing ring of the oil filter, before you install it. Put it on only hand tight no tighter.

I think it's the filter, because if it were the oil drain plug, it would leak all the time. Some filters will screw on but the sealing ring is in the wrong place, and made for another engine.

Good luck, Marturo
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Drive one side of the car up on the curb and that will give you a secure place to get underneath it and see where it might be coming from.

That being said, I would simply just call the garage and have them send a guy out to you or a tow truck. If it winds up being their fault (go with the tow driver) make them eat the repair.

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