Before posting to this forum...


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Post Before posting to this forum...

When posting to this forum, we need some basic information to be able to offer our opinions:

Engine Size
Trans type(auto, manual, overdrive)
Recent repairs if it applies
Problem in detail with car(when problem occurs, what is engine temp, outside temp, engine rpm, etc...)
The more detail the better!
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I totaly Agree

This is a post that ought to stay up top! I can make diagnostic decions based upon, good and thorough information.

I would like to see this announcement stay at the top, so that everyone coming to this forum, will understand that for a Tech, or anyone, who just happened to have that same problem, could get a running start.

It is hard enough to work on anything, without being there. When some one posts( My brakes wont stop me) a post that has no make, model,& year I am starting behind the 8 ball.

Please make this a permenant announcement at the top of the forum. It would save countless hours, of back and forth between the people needeng help, & those trying to help.

Thank You,
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Thumbs up agree

Joe_F says as much in his signature file.

He also offers references to sites that can answer at least 50% of the questions asked here. People routinely ignore his signature file and ask vague questions w/o bothering to provide even the most basic information.
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Day Glo

Hi knuckles

Maybe you Guys, ought to put it up in BIG Day Glo letters LOL.

It seem like it takes forever without the Specs & details of the problem first posted.

By the time we get all that, we could have worked with 5 other people. Oh well what ya gonna do just grin and bare it I guess.

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Thumbs up

(Nods head in agreement)

I'll have to check with "BigMike" and Smokey about how they have that in their signature file.

When I get a chance I'll see if I can make it part of the forum's top page.

I agree, a lot of routine work can be saved by looking at my signature file.
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Thumbs up Welcome Chad

I just noticed that Chad has joined us as a moderator here.

Congrats and welcome. Your mission if you choose to accept it is to refer 'em to the, it's to help out as many folks as you can.

We are boldly going where no moderators have ever gone before. Lol. Carry on Houston! Lol.

Welcome aboard and I'm sure I say that for all the good folks and professionals that lurk and post in this forum. It's your help that makes my life easy and makes this a lot of fun

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