Diesel More Power?


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Unhappy Diesel More Power?

I have a 1995 Dodge Truck Turbo Diesel 2500
This truck has a 12 valve engine.
I need a little more horsepower to tow
a new 5th wheel camping trailer.
I have talked to some mechanics and
some have suggested after market fuel injectors
another has suggested a new plate which I guess
deals with the pump.
I have already changed the exhaust and placed a new
air filter.
Any suggestions, thanks
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First, let’s discuss the subject of more power. The most important ingredient is more money. Internal combustion engines are nothing but air pumps. Let them breathe easier. Add a low restriction air filter and exhaust system. Bingo, this is a low-cost modification that reduces exhaust gas temperature; unfortunately it has little net effect on diesel engine performance. More importantly, you have to increase the fuel delivered to the engine. However, an unauthorized adjustment to the factory’s/engine’s fuel delivery system will present a potential warranty invalidation. Did we mention exhaust emissions violations? Your truck, your money - your choice.
The following list is a starting point for determining if performance is as it should be and/or if a performance upgrade may be the right choice for you. Also, log on to our web site at: http://www.turbodieselregister.com and review the discussion or join in the fray with your questions/input. (Membership to the TDR is necessary to post on the bulletin board.)

How is your truck equipped? Gearing, tires, transmission, etc.? - Describe your camper/trailer loading. Be honest.

What are your measured performance results. Zero-to-60 mph time with no load on the truck (Issue 13, page 37).

What are your performance expectations? (Issue 27, page 56)

A check of the low-power-complaint basics. Take a look at TDR Issue 17, page 48. Warning: the boost/automatic transmission test portion of the article could be hazardous to your health if you take your foot off the brake at the wrong time! Then again, you could quickly add that patio sliding door to the house that the wife has been bugging you about. Following is a list of easy-to-do items the owner can perform:

* * Check for quality of fuel, * * check for full travel of the throttle lever at the fuel pump check all turbo-to-intercooler and intercooler-to-intake manifold hoses and clamps for a tight fit, * * check the condition of your fuel filter, check for fuel inlet restriction; * * check the condition of your air filter; * * check for exhaust leaks prior to the turbocharger; and * * check for exhaust system restriction for automatic trucks, * * check your transmission fluid level.

From this example, the key question that needs to be answered is how much ‘boost’ does the engine/turbo- charger make? If the truck makes the specified boost pressure, chances are the engine is “healthy.”

Shop/dealer history - has it been to a repair facility?
What is your need/tolerance for continued warranty status? Power enhancements will impact warranty. A detailed explanation is provided in Issue 26, page 34 and Issue 21, page 100 of the TDR.

If aftermarket performance parts are purchased, what is your need for/tolerance of emissions compliance? (Issue 26, page 32).
Power costs money. How much power is really necessary? (Issue 23, page 38; Issue 24, page 54; Issue 27, page 48).

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Assuming your engine & turbo are in good condition, check out the link below for power enchancers.


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