stiff/hard accelerator pedal 95 aerostar


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Jeff Wilson
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Question stiff/hard accelerator pedal 95 aerostar

I have a 95 Ford Aerostar which has a very stiff and hard to press accelerator pedal. Vehicle is fuel injected and has cruise control. 3.0L 6cyl engine. I checked spring tension on "injector" and it seems normal. Could this be caused by a bad accelerator cable. There is a second cable on accelerator pedal which leads back near transmission case (cruise control?). Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
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Could be cable?

Take the throttle cable loose, at the attachment point & have someone work the pedel, as you pull back on the cable.

Since I don't know how many miles, you have & if you ever lubed the cable, it could be a frayed cable. My 81 Bonnie has over 200,000 miles with the same cable, but I lube it, at every oil change.

So it's a 95, yes it could be frayed inside. However you will know that, when you check it for roughness with it disconnected.

Hope that's all it is
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I agree w/ marturo. It could be a cable problem, but more than likely the throttle body is worn.

A quick way to check the throttle body is to depress the accelerator pedal with the engine OFF. If the pedal moves easily, replace the throttle body. If it is still difficult to move, suspect the throttle cable.

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