Blinkers-1998 Buick Century Ltd.


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Blinkers-1998 Buick Century Ltd.

The right front blinker of my 1998 Buick Century does not work, however the back blinker does but it blinks real fast. We checked the bulb and the fuses and found nothing wrong. Any suggestions? Response will be greatly appreciated.
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double check

How do you know the bulbs are good some bulbs have two elements one for turn and one for parking.I would check the bulbs again it sounds like one is burnt out use a meter also check the bottom of the bulb and scratch away some of the soft metal.
Make sure bulb is inserted in socket correctly double check everything.Just because you see the filimant and it looks good it is not always the case.
sometimes they break and you cant see them broken unless you use some magnification.
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Sounds like a bad bulb or ground to me. I agree. Recheck your work.
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You may have a problem in your daytime running lamp system or your body control module and or your t/s switch.If you dont find an easy fix here it may be time for a Buick dealer sorry.Good Luck
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Actually, sounds like the opposite problem. If the blinker is going real fast, look for a short. Normally, burned out bulbs make the blinker go slower. They blink faster when there is an excessive current draw.

Sometimes, if you hook up a trailer the extra current draw makes them go faster...

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